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Recycling our waste products has become a key priority in the UK.

Our views have been changed over the years, partly by our own self awareness and partly through government intervention.

In many ways it is an inevitable change as we understand more about the world we live in.

Domestic recycling has moved on enormously and business’ are under the same pressure.

Recycling is a fundamental and increasing part of any business plan.

M&S famously have a ‘plan A’, many other companies have policies too, founded on understanding the value of going ‘green’.

It’s great for PR but it is so much more!

Recycling can do all of these things

  • conserve resources,
  • save energy,
  • helps protect the environment,
  • reduce landfill and
  • can save you money!

Investing to recycle makes a great deal of sense.

A new baler may be more cost effective than you have previously thought.

Recycling has obvious benefits.

You may also find that your operation becomes more efficient, saving you time and keeping the work environment tidier.

It may also contribute to improving  your Health and Safety considerations.

Cole Recycling Solutions can help you make a good decision to recycle.

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